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Hypertext links: The Centre des monuments nationaux website provides numerous links to other sites, mainly official sites (institutions, public bodies, etc.) but also to some partner association or company sites. In each case, the CMN endeavours to indicate which site it is proposing to link to. These web pages, whose addresses are regularly checked, are not part of the official public site of the Centre des monuments nationaux. The CMN cannot be held responsible for their content. The present site authorises the creation of a hypertext link to its content, provided that the "deep" link technique is not used and that the source is mentioned. The information must only be used for personal, associative or scientific purposes; any use for commercial or advertising purposes is prohibited. Any authorisation given by the Centre des monuments nationaux must be in advance and in writing and is discretionary and may be withdrawn at any time. However, no authorisation is given to websites disseminating information that offends human dignity, public order or morality.

Electronic mail: Electronic messages sent to the Centre des monuments nationaux from its website and to electronic addresses used to send additional information may be stored. The information collected is processed electronically in order to get to know visitors to the website better, to identify their needs in order to improve the quality of CMN's services and to better manage requests. In accordance with French law (article 27 of Law no. 78.17 of 6 January 1978 on data processing, data files and individual liberties), you have the right to oppose (art. 26), access (art. 34 to 38), rectify (art. 36) and delete data concerning you. If you wish to exercise these rights, please contact: Centre des monuments nationaux Hôtel de Sully Direction administrative juridique et financière - Département des affaires juridiques et immobilières 62, rue Saint-Antoine75186 Paris cedex 04 France

Personal data: To find out more, visit our dedicated page.

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